How to Coordinate a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring ?

How to Coordinate a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring ?

Comment assortir alliance & bague de fiançailles ?

Updated on June 6, 2023

The engagement ring and wedding band are jewelry pieces meant to accompany you throughout your life. Many questions arise about how to wear them. There aren’t strict rules; the most important thing is to love your jewelry. Maison Celinni is here to assist you in choosing your jewelry and to offer different ways to combine these timeless rings. The perfect marriage awaits you.

A quel doigt porter son alliance et sa bague de fiancailles assorties

Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring

What is an Engagement Ring?

In today’s world, it is very common for a man to offer an engagement ring to his future bride when proposing marriage. This ring symbolizes the promise of an upcoming marriage. This piece of jewelry is the confirmation of the “yes” after the famous question, “Will you marry me?” It also serves to reveal to friends and family that a couple plans to get married and commit to each other for life. It’s a beautiful gift to remember this very important moment in a couple’s life.

The Engagement Ring, a Story of Its Own!

Everyone is familiar with the tradition of the marriage proposal, where the man kneels before his beloved, opens the box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring, and asks her to marry him. It’s the most nerve-wracking moment in a man’s life, filled with hope for a positive answer, where seconds seem like hours. If the answer is yes (and we hope it is for everyone), he can then slide the engagement ring onto the left ring finger to formalize the future marriage.

But this tradition wasn’t always like this. Even though engagement rings and wedding rings have existed since antiquity and have a rich history in ancient culture, this custom was on the brink of extinction in the early 20th century. The reason? The emergence of a new social class, the modern middle class. During this period, the solitaire (a ring with a single large diamond), the traditional engagement ring, was no longer as traditional as it seemed. This custom saw fluctuations in the 20th century due to the middle class.

From 1900 to 1950, with two world wars and the Great Depression, there were numerous challenges for the middle class, and as a result, the engagement ring (solitaire) became a luxury that many could no longer afford. Instead, men made marriage proposals by offering practical, everyday gifts, not very romantic but necessary during that period.

Although World War I gave a new meaning to the engagement ring as a symbol of a couple separated by war, it was especially after World War II and the increase in marriages during the post-war economic boom that the engagement ring regained its importance in the life and tradition of a couple.

Alliances en diamants et demi alliance en diamants

What is an Alliance?

Unlike the engagement ring, the alliance is given only at the time of marriage during the exchange of vows. They are then exchanged between the couple and slipped onto the ring finger of the left hand, replacing the engagement ring, which is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Alliances are the most significant jewelry for a couple as they formalize the marriage and eternal love between a couple. For men, it is generally a classic gold alliance, as you can see by clicking on this link. For women, the alliance is more intricate with diamonds or custom designs, as you can see in our selection of rings.

In conclusion, regarding the difference between an engagement ring and an alliance, we have seen that there is a real tradition for each of these rings. They symbolize the most beautiful day in a couple’s life, as well as an unforgettable moment in a relationship that marks a man and a woman. If you want to offer a unique ring representing your union or your proposal. Feel free to visit our online jewelry store for our alliances, solitaires, and Celinni wedding rings.

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Alliance?

According to tradition, rings symbolizing union should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, with the alliance closest to the heart and the engagement ring placed above it. These two pieces of jewelry are rarely purchased together. Therefore, they are often not matching, and many choose to wear the engagement ring on another finger. As you may have understood, you have several choices in how to wear your wedding rings. There are no hard and fast rules for wearing your rings; you can wear them as you wish:

● On the left ring finger: the wedding band on top. If you decide to wear your rings on the same finger, in the order you received them, we recommend paying attention to the harmony of shapes, colors, and styles. This traditional way of wearing rings may not work with all types of rings or finger shapes.

● On the left ring finger: the engagement ring on top. You can choose to wear your jewelry this way because you find it more aesthetically pleasing or simply because you prefer it. Some consider sentimental reasons, believing that wearing the alliance below keeps it close to the heart. Wearing both rings on the same finger can be possible if your engagement ring is thin and doesn’t have a large stone on top. However, if your engagement ring has an imposing style, you can certainly wear your alliance on the other hand.

● Alliance on the left ring finger and the engagement ring on another finger: as tradition dictates, the engagement ring is most often worn on the left hand for those who choose to wear it, but this is not mandatory, and many women wear it on another finger. For example, some place it on the right hand or on the third finger of the left hand.

● Engagement ring on the left ring finger and alliance on another finger: this is another, much less traditional option. This way can also be used for women with short fingers or two rings that don’t aesthetically complement each other.

● Alternating between the rings every day: although these two pieces of jewelry are meant to be worn every day, most women choose not to wear them at the same time. This can be explained by the fact that two rings may feel like too much for some women, and they feel more comfortable wearing one at a time. Or, due to the fact that these rings are very expensive and are only worn for special occasions.

There are indeed many ways to wear your eternal rings; you can choose to follow tradition or be a pioneer and wear them your way. The main thing is to wear them as it suits you.

Quel doigt pour quelle bague toutes les significations

The Meanings of Wearing Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Wearing a wedding ring and/or an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand is a tradition. The ancient Romans believed that this finger had a vein directly connected to the heart. They called it the Vena Amoris, or the Vein of Love. Therefore, it became appropriate to choose this finger for rings associated with marriage, as they felt that love is as vital as a beating heart.

There are also certain theories regarding the meaning of each finger. Depending on which finger the ring is worn on, more can be learned about the owner’s personality. For example, for those who wear it on the ring finger, interpretations generally revolve around commitment, union, love… The left hand is associated with emotions, being on the side of the heart. The right hand is more associated with reason. Furthermore, the right hand is considered the giving hand, and the left hand, the receiving one. However, this varies depending on cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

Classique ou originale, choisissez la bague qui vous correspond

What Type of Rings to Choose?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are rarely purchased at the same time. For this reason, in many cases, the rings are not matched, and you are free to choose the design that suits you. If you wish to wear them on the same finger, selecting rings in the same style or the same alloy can be interesting. To match the style of each of your rings, it is important to consider a few rules:

● Opt for a good choice of colors: You can create a unique style between your engagement ring and your wedding band by choosing a combination of colors. For example, you can mix a rose gold piece with a platinum or white gold piece. Try all combinations until you find the one that suits you. Of course, you can choose jewelry of the same color and style if it matches your preferences.

● Consider the choice of shape: Color and type of gold are not the only criteria to consider. If you want to stack them, avoid choosing an engagement ring with a large diamond, as it could interfere with wearing the wedding band. If the setting of the engagement ring is very intricate, prefer a simpler and more understated wedding band. If your solitaire is rather simple, opt for a diamond-studded wedding band to emphasize the stone in your engagement ring. You can also choose to match the diamonds based on their cut. With a classic-style engagement ring, a simple-style diamond wedding band can also be a very good choice to maintain a consistent look.

If you wish to stack your rings, we recommend focusing on the same alloy, finding the ring that will elegantly fit beneath your lovely solitaire. Conversely, if you prefer to wear your rings on two different fingers, a wide range of possibilities is available to you. But keep in mind that these two pieces of jewelry symbolize timelessness; prioritize the classics that will never grow old and will perfectly complement the rest of your jewelry.

Création de bijou sur mesure

The Perfect Match Through Customization

Who wouldn’t dream of imagining and creating their engagement ring and wedding band entirely from scratch? Celinni House offers you the opportunity to make these symbols of eternal love truly unique and tailored to your taste. Our diamond experts eagerly await you in the workshops of our Celinni jewelry boutiques to assist you in designing your personalized wedding bands and engagement rings. The jewelry of your dreams is waiting for you. Come to us with a visual, a drawing, or an idea, and we will take care of creating it for you. Our experts are here to assist you if you’re lacking artistic inspiration and to help you with the technical aspects, all while accommodating your budget. You will have the option to choose a diamond from among over 100,000 certified diamonds sourced directly from international diamond exchanges. We also offer free engraving for your jewelry, thanks to our state-of-the-art laser engraving machine. You’ll be free to choose the font, the number of characters, foreign scripts, or even the pictogram of your choice. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment online or by phone to come and design with us the rings of your dreams.

Les alliances Celinni en or jaune, blanc, rose, ou en platine

The Celinni Alliances

Maison Celinni offers you over 500 models of gold or diamond alliances, offered at the fairest price, under Wedding Salon conditions, and eco-friendly. Our jewelry is made in France in the Parisian workshops.

At Celinni, we primarily use gold (white, yellow, and rose) and platinum to craft our alliances, unlike most alliances that are generally made with platinum, gold, palladium, titanium, silver, tungsten, and stainless steel. There are several types of alliances in jewelry: the classics with the Parisian band (a perfectly round ring) or the half-round (a ring with a rounded outer face and a flat inner face). At Celinni, we offer you several types of rings, such as the ribbon, intertwined rings, engraved, chiseled, brushed, set with precious stones or diamonds

The price of a wedding alliance varies according to various factors, from less than €100 to over €2000; there are options for every budget and quality. The value of this piece of jewelry depends on the metal used, the details, and the precious stones used. Even though some prices may seem appealing to you, keep in mind that the alliance is a piece of jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life, so investing a significant budget may be worthwhile.

Celinni Engagement Rings

Maison Celinni also offers you a wide range of engagement rings. Thanks to our extensive experience and access to the finest pearls and precious metals, we are here to assist you effectively in the crucial stage of your life, choosing an engagement ring for your significant other. This choice can be challenging, but fear not, our Celinni experts are ready to guide you in selecting the perfect ring. We offer several styles of engagement rings:

● The engagement ring with a unique central stone, like our bestseller, the Celinni 1968 engagement ring.

● The side-stone engagement ring, like our Ma Vie diamond solitaire.

● The vintage engagement ring, like the Elle Poire diamond ring.

We offer you a wide choice of metals for your engagement rings:

● Platinum engagement ring: as the most precious and resistant metal, it withstands daily wear and retains its brilliance over time;

● White gold engagement ring: currently on-trend and just as sturdy as platinum, white gold boasts a silvery, shiny hue. 18-carat white gold is a blend of yellow gold and alloys like copper and zinc;

● Yellow gold engagement ring: the most widespread, commonly used, and highly demanded metal in jewelry. It requires some maintenance but never loses its shine or scratches;

● Rose gold engagement ring: the soft pink color is greatly appreciated by enthusiasts of uniqueness. Durable, resilient, and a perfect match with diamonds, it rightfully earns its place among precious metals.

Discover all our engagement rings and their matching diamond wedding bands on the website

Why Choose Celinni?

With Celinni, you are guaranteed to have affordable diamond rings, high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands at the best prices!

How Do We Do It?

We invite you to read our article on the advantages of Celinni online jewelry compared to traditional jewelry stores.

But with Celinni, it’s not just the guarantee of quality at the best price for your wedding bands or engagement ring. We also offer many advantages, such as free and secure delivery, the option for express delivery, and interest-free 10-month payments

Looking for a Customized Wedding Band or Engagement Ring?

Celinni offers you the opportunity to have a customized wedding band or engagement ring. For your wedding, you can have a unique alliance, a custom creation to symbolize one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Contact us by following this link, and we will offer you the possibility of creating your customized alliance or engagement ring with the assistance of our diamond experts and our Parisian workshop. It’s our Parisian workshop that will craft your custom-made ring with French craftsmanship.

Reside Near Nice, Paris, Antwerp (Belgium), or Lausanne (Switzerland)?

Come and visit us at our showrooms. We are located in Nice, Paris, Lausanne, and Antwerp.

Would you like to meet us in person? We receive visitors by appointment only. During your appointment with our diamond expert, you can explore our wedding rings and alliances, discuss with a diamond specialist who will offer you various ring options and the opportunity to create a custom-made piece to best meet your expectations.

Need advice on choosing a men’s alliance? Check out our article by clicking here.


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